Standartinės knyginio kartono rigid dovanų dėžutės su magnetiniu uždarymu Flexpro

Get Ready-to-Use, Premium Quality Gift Boxes & Bags

If you want products, product sets or corporate gifts to leave an unforgettable first impression, pay attention to the quality of the packaging. At Flexpro, you can order ready-to-use, high-quality gift boxes and bags or create a unique packaging solution. We know how busy the run-up to Christmas can be.

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Two men in front of a cardboard display for retail outlet

POSM Products for Retail Outlets: Issues and Opportunities

POSM Products in Retail Outlets: Issues and Opportunities Customers rarely come to the store knowing exactly which brands’ products they will buy. Many decisions are made impulsively, and the final purchases are often results of various triggers, such as prices, attractive packaging or point-of-sale marketing materials (POSM). This blog covers

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FLEXPRO posters spread the word about the Sengirė Foundation

The streets of the cities are decorated with impressive posters that draw people’s attention to the preservation of old-growth forests in an engaging and captivating way. In this way, we contributed to a great initiative – we produced and donated wide-format print posters inviting them to support the Sengirė Foundation.

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