Consumers Choose Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a trend ⁠— it’s a necessity to ensure business success. Conscious consumers choose sustainably produced wood and paper products marked with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) mark.
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What Do Consumers Think About FSC®?

  • 8 out of 10 consumers expect companies to ensure that the wood and paper products they use are made from wood that is sustainably grown in replanted forests.
  • 8 out of 10 consumers who recognize the FSC® label tend to recommend FSC®-certified products to others.
  •  7 out of 10 consumers expect product sustainability information to be verified by an independent organization.
Source: GlobeScan and FSC® Global Consumer Research, 2021, (Sample: 12,000 consumers from 15 countries)

Why FSC®?

FSC® is the world’s most recognizable and trusted mark for sustainable forest management. The trust they earned globally is based on developing strict sustainability standards and their application system. Due to global recognition, FSC® creates additional value for the businesses and brands worldwide that follow the standards.

What is FSC®?

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to guaranteeing the responsible management of forests. FSC® standards were introduced to ensure environmentally sound, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests: the forests must be preserved, maintained, and their resources managed in such a way that they can be saved by future generations.

The strict standards requirements and their application principles make the FSC® certification one of the most reliable, trusted and recognized systems in the world.


Although trees are cut, the forest is replanted, so the forest is not lost over time.

Environmental Protection

FSC® certification requires maintaining biodiversity and protecting areas of high conservation value, including old forests.

Protecting the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

FSC® certification requires that the rights of the communities and local people in whose vicinity the forest is cut are not violated.

Protection of Workers' Rights

FSC® certification requires training, occupational safety and adequate remuneration for all employees in the FSC® chain.

What is Flexpro's Role in the FSC® Chain?

The FSC® production chain (Chain of Custody, CoC) is the path of the product from the moment of forest or processing to places where it is sold with the FSC® mark or finished and sold with the FSC® label. The CoC covers all stages of procurement, processing, marketing and distribution where the product owner changes during the transition to the next stage of the supply chain. The chain of custody certificate obtained by Flexpro confirms that the FSC®-certified material used in production is clearly identified or separated from non-certified or uncontrolled material throughout the production chain.
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When You Order FSC® Products:

  1. You take specific actions to implement the company’s sustainability strategy. You achieve goals you can be proud of and communicate them to consumers.
  2. You can integrate FSC® standards into your brand communication, thereby gaining consumer favour and trust. This can become part of your communication strategy that meets the expectations of conscious users.
  3. You manage the risks that arise from the growth of a conscious consumer generation, and your effort to develop a sustainable business can be proven.
  4. You strengthen internal communication and develop a team that appreciates the employer’s decisions to invest in sustainability programs.
  5. You create and strengthen the image of a responsible business.

How to Order FSC®-certified Products?

  1. Submit a request indicating that you want to order paper or cardboard products made from FSC®-certified material.
  2. Flexpro will assess whether the material needed to manufacture the product is in stock or whether a special order is required, and specify the deadlines, the price and other conditions.
  3. On the invoice of the manufactured product, Flexpro will indicate that they were made using FSC®-certified material. This is the most important document to prove the continuity of the FSC® chain and system in the production processes.

How Are the Products Marked with FSC® Label?

  • You or Flexpro designers prepare a print file design that uses the FSC® label with a special identification code.
  • FSC® checks each file design to be compliant with their branding guidelines. This step is performed by Flexpro and takes an average of 3-10 days.
  • A product made from FSC®-certified material does not necessarily have to be labelled with the FSC® label. Whether to label the product or not is up to you.  The entry on the invoice is the main proof of the product being made from FSC®-certified materials.

What FSC®-certified Products Does Flexpro Produce?

Gofro Kartono PakuotĖs Flexpr

Corrugated cardboard packaging

Grafinio Kartono PakuotĖs Flexpro

Graphic cardboard packaging

Knyginio Kartono PakuotĖs Flexpro

Book cardboard packaging

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Cardboard stands

Flexpro Produktai Koreguota 2

Cardboard decorations

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Pallet decorations

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Transportable stands

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Pallet boxes