Choose FSC®-certified Products — Create a Competitive Advantage and Respond to the Clients’ Needs

FSC® is the world’s most recognized and trusted forest certification scheme to protect the world’s forests. FSC® strives to ensure strict sustainability standards and is therefore rewarded with global customers’ attention.

Read further to learn how FSC®-certified products can improve the image of your brand or organization and give you a real competitive advantage.

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What Added Value Does the FSC® Certificate Create?


Developing a sustainable business model is necessary if you want to ensure the business’s success  — show the results of the Global Consumer Research survey. Twelve thousand respondents from 15 countries took part in the survey conducted by FSC® and GlobeScan in 2021.

Research results indicate that consumers are more interested in sustainable products than they were a few years ago. As many as 86% of respondents say that they read information about the product before deciding whether to buy it.

When choosing products, consumers look for reliable cues that confirm that the products are sustainable and that the company that creates them is environmentally friendly and socially responsible. In the wood, paper and cardboard manufacturing sector, such a universally recognized cue is the FSC® label.

FSC® ensures:


  • Zero deforestation. Although trees are cut, the forest is replanted so that the amount of forest remains the same.
  • Environmental protection. FSC® certification requires maintaining biodiversity and protecting areas of high conservation value, including old forests.
  • Protection of locals’ rights. FSC® certification requires to ensure the rights of the communities and locals.
  • Protection of workers’ rights. FSC® certification requires ensuring training, occupational safety and adequate payment for all employees in the FSC® chain.

What Do Consumers Think about FSC®?


The problems that FSC® solves and the value the certification creates are relevant to consumers. Therefore, using FSC®-certified products allows brands to gain a real competitive advantage:

  • 84% of consumers want companies to ensure that their paper products do not contribute to forests or wildlife destruction.
  • More than half of buyers from all over the world know about FSC®, understand the values ​​represented by this mark and – most importantly – trust the certificate.
  • 3 out of 4 buyers who recognize the FSC® certificate would choose FSC® -certified products over their non-certified equivalents. Moreover, they recommend FSC®-certified products to others too.
  • 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for FSC®-certified products.

As you see, mindful shoppers want to see the actual steps you take to ensure the products are produced sustainably and responsibly.

You Can Purchase FSC®-certified Products from Flexpro


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Flexpro has always been more than just a printed products manufacturer. In our activities, we constantly strive to exceed expectations. One such expectation is the maximum sustainability of products, including the packaging and advertising print. Today we offer products that your customers will be asking for tomorrow.

We are currently the only specialized POSM products manufacturer in the Baltic states that can offer FSC®-certified products. In addition, we can produce FSC®-certified packaging from corrugated cardboard, graphic cardboard and book cardboard.


Ready to invest in a better reputation for your brand and your organization? Contact us and ask for FSC®-certified products.