Innovation in Print Ordering: The Unique STANDOUT PRINT Platform

We are proud to introduce an innovation in the Lithuanian print sector — fast and convenient print ordering platform STANDOUT PRINT.

Based on customer needs analysis, Flexpro team has identified the key aspects that are most relevant to print products buyers in a dynamic business environment:

  • It’s necessary to shorten the process of ordering and delivery.
  • The flexibility of the manufacturer is of paramount importance to the customer.
  • The purchasing process must be straightforward, fast, and easy to learn for the new employees.
  • Pricing transparency and order traceability are essential.
  • It is important to simplify the processes for submitting and checking press files.

STANDOUT PRINT will make ordering of prints simpler and faster, avoiding the need to message / call a manager – this will save time and other resources by efficiently planning both the order itself and its execution according to the company’s needs.

Algimantas Kvecys, the company’s marketing manager, tells us more about the idea and possibilities of the platform. 

Flexpro marketingo vadovas Algimantas Kvecys šalia Standout print logo

Automated file checking saves time 

According to a representative of STANDOUT PRINT, one of the trickiest parts of the print order process is the preparation of design files. “In order to produce a print product, design files need to be prepared according to certain requirements: format, type of print, etc. Unfortunately, even with all the instructions, only 1 out of 10 files are prepared correctly the first time, and in the remaining 9 cases the manufacturer has to send the files back to the client, who in turn sends them to a graphic designer or agency… It takes a long time for the print-ready files to return to the producer. There are also situations where time wastage delays or even prevents important campaigns from taking place.” 

The advanced print ordering platform STANDOUT PRINT offers the possibility to upload a ready-made design file or to create a customised design without the use of any external software. “We also have an automatic print file checker, which checks file resolution, colour profiles, font sizes and other print parameters, which increases the speed of order placement and reduces the likelihood of errors,” explains STANDOUT PRINT. 

Standout platformos langas atidarytas mobiliajame telefone

Web-to-Print technology for those who value transparency 

The STANDOUT PRINT print ordering platform is based on Web-to-Print technology, which enables the personalisation and ordering of print products directly via a website. A. Kvecys says that the new platform is designed so that the user immediately receives all the answers to their questions: materials, prices, delivery times. All of this is visible at the time of ordering and avoids having to coordinate details via emails and calls. 

The system allows you to choose the type of product, quantity, format, design parameters and printing materials. You can place orders at any time of the day or night, keep track of their progress and history, as well as save your favourite products for later ordering. 

The STANDOUT PRINT platform makes ordering a small business owner or a marketing agency manager effortless. Even all team members can log in to their account, manage and place orders on their computer or phone screen.   

“Over more than twenty years of working in the Lithuanian and foreign print markets, we have accumulated a lot of experience and have transferred the best practices of the print sector to this ordering platform. We hope that the new platform will significantly improve the print ordering experience and become an indispensable working tool,” says A. Kvecys.