Flexpro’s New Digital Wide-Format UV Printing Technologies: Quality, Speed, Sustainability and Versatility

The printing sector is undergoing changes where flexibility becomes a critical feature to distinguish the industry leaders. Therefore, development-oriented print production companies are investing in versatile solutions, such as new wide-format UV printing technologies.

At Flexpro, we’ve introduced two new digital wide-format UV printers – AGFA Jeti Tauro and EFI VUTEk. As a result, customers who order wide-format printing products, can appreciate a higher product quality, speed and reliability while knowing that the production uses significantly fewer resources and leaves less waste in the process.

Learn more about the advantages of our new wide-format UV printing technologies in this blog post.

AGFA Jeti Tauro skaitmeninė plačiaformatė spausdinimo mašina
How Does Flexpro’s Wide-Format UV Printing Technologies Benefit the Customers

Reduced energy consumption and less of electronic waste. We need five times less energy during production thanks to new digital wide-format UV printers. In addition, replacing conventional Mercury UV lamps with LED lamps has reduced electronic waste. The reliability of the equipment has increased.

Less harmful paint. Greenguard-certification indicates lower chemical emissions. The paints used for AGFA Jeti Tauro and EFI VUTEk meet Greenguard standards and can be used safely in such sensitive places as hospitals, schools or kindergartens.

Speed. Due to the changing printing technology, the printing speed has increased 1.5 times. The print heads of the new printers cover different surfaces more smoothly and efficiently than their predecessors. This feature is critically important when the order includes different formats.

Higher quality print. The new devices ensure exceptional quality – the print dot size is seven times smaller.

Larger print formats. 254×400 cm format instead of 165×320 cm.

Versatility. The new printing machines can produce a wide range of printing products. Our wide-format UV printers provide high-quality results on paper, cardboard or plastic materials of various thicknesses and types. By applying the same printing method to different advertising media, customers get more consistent results; colours are reproduced evenly.

Efi VUTEk skaitmeninė plačiaformatė spausdinimo mašina
Sustainability, speed, quality and reliability in print production are compatible

Nowadays, high speed, top quality and reliability are what print companies must ensure if they want to maintain close, long-term relationships with their clients. At Flexpro, we raise the bar even higher, focusing on innovations, responsible business development and the necessary investment in more environmentally and human-friendly production.

Clients count on us because Flexpro’s new approach to printing not only responds to the present but also cares about the future.