POSM Products for Retail Outlets: Issues and Opportunities

POSM Products in Retail Outlets: Issues and Opportunities

Customers rarely come to the store knowing exactly which brands’ products they will buy. Many decisions are made impulsively, and the final purchases are often results of various triggers, such as prices, attractive packaging or point-of-sale marketing materials (POSM).

This blog covers the issues and the opportunities related to POSM. Read on to find out what problems brands and retailers face when choosing POSM products and how Flexpro can help solve them.

Two men in front of a cardboard display for retail outlet

POSM Options and Challenges

Current buyers are already used to constantly seeing advertisements everywhere. Thus, if POSM planners want to achieve positive advertising campaign results, they must carefully go through the following questions:  

  • At which points in the customer path to appear?
  • Which POSM products to use to draw the attention?
  • How to adjust POSM products to reveal the message of the campaign?

Where to Appear in Retail Outlets

POSM solution can be divided into six main categories by place:

  • Shop windows. Stickers, decorations, and high-quality posters encourage people to enter the retail outlet. They are suitable for forming the identity of the store, communicating sales, discounts and other stimuli that encourage people to come in.
  • Entrance zone. POSM tools in this location help build customers’ expectations. If relevant, the customers will look for the advertised products throughout their whole shopping experience.
  • Promo zones. If you are just starting out with retail marketing, this is the place to begin. The Promo zone is the main area to attract the buyers’ attention with an eye-catching showcase. 
  • Commercial shelves. In the retail outlet, products compete intensely with each other for the customer’s attention. So it is naive to expect that as soon as your brand appears on the shelves, visitors will start buying it. Consider using several advertising tools, such as beads or price tags, to really stand out from others.
  • Refrigerators. This is currently the least popular zone for POSM products because it requires low temperature and moisture-resistant materials. However, the frozen products area is a good place to consider for POSM: when the competition is little, there is a higher probability that the customers will notice your advertisements. 
  • Check out. The place for impulse buying and the last chance to turn a buyer’s interest into concrete action.

Ideally, POSM planners would like to fill all the retail areas with their brand or specific product promotion campaign to convince customers to buy. However, limited budgets and competition for space do not always allow this. Therefore, it is necessary to decide which areas to exploit to be the most effective.


Tailoring POSM Products to Specific Needs

Although it seems that there are plenty of POSM products available, in reality, clients face some supply issues, such as limited possibilities to adjust POSM products to individual needs, low quality or complicated installation.

Flexpro’s new approach to printing enables us to manage all of these challenges so that different customers would receive POSM products that satisfy them:

  • Brand managers benefit from our wide range of print products ⁠— POSM, packages, wide-format print. Ordering everything in one place allows them to ensure a smooth and integral communication campaign. We adjust POSM products to reflect the specific brand’s, product’s or campaign’s visual identity and the available technologies allow us to fully match the colours.
  • Trade marketing managers appreciate Flexpro because our POSM tools can be tailored to the technical specifications of product packages and a particular point of sale. As a result, the area you pick can be used the most effieciently. We also offer different POSM combinations based on turnover and product category ⁠— we find the optimal solution for everyone.
  • Retail and wholesale managers constantly need to implement various activation, loyalty, sales and other campaigns. Such campaigns usually cover a large part of the store and they require a vast assortment of POSM solutions ⁠— posters, stickers, displays, stands and other quick-to-install print products. Flexpro’s printing capabilities allow to cover the entire retail outlet from the entrance to the checkout with visual advertising. Since Flexpro not only manufactures but also delivers and installs POSM, we can ensure that all the products are ready to use on time at all points of sale. Thus, the campaigns can be launched simultaneously in all chain stores.

Flexpro’s New Approach to Printing

In more than 20 years of working with POSM production, we have cooperated with various customers that helped us to develop an innovative approach to printing services. As a result, we became a one-stop-shop for the design, printing and installation of print products.

At Flexpro, we constantly invest in innovative technologies, materials and a more diverse assortment to satisfy everybody’s needs. This approach allows us to simplify the implementation of communication projects and adopt innovative solutions that distinguish our clients from the competitors. In addition, we are currently the only specialized POSM producer in the Baltic States that can offer FSC® certified products.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner in retail or a pro who feels the need to introduce some changes to the work, we are ready to help and offer optimal solutions for you. Let’s start a conversation today.