Sustainability and environmental provisions encourage the introduction of new technologies

From point-of-sale advertising (POSM) to brochures and leaflets, each printed product aims to communicate its brand identity, convey its message and attract the attention of consumers. We help our customers create added value – the principles of environmental protection and sustainability implemented in the production process. We use sustainably produced materials and modern printing methods. One of them is UV printing.

What is the benefit of UV printing for customers?

UV printing is a unique method of digital printing that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to dry the ink or other coating materials used in printing. UV technology – a photochemical drying process – has recently been applied in the printing industry. This technology allows you to print on any surface: from paper to plastic or glass.

With UV printing, we create value for our customers: we save time, we can place orders faster than with traditional means; there are no emissions during the drying process, it is an environmentally friendly technology that does not have a negative impact. Lower energy consumption contributes to reducing overall energy consumption.

Technology enables the manufacturer to provide a high-quality result, fewer inconsistencies in the process – less use of materials, more responsible use of resources.

Customers can trust us, we work together not only to present brands in a visually appealing way through various print products, but also to strengthen the message of sustainability and environmental protection, which is so relevant for the modern conscious consumer, with modern technologies.