Boxes for logistics

Cardboard solutions for logistics and transportation are experiencing a renaissance affected by the e-commerce explosion. Whether the business produces food or oversized industrial equipment, customer expectations and sustainability requirements pose ever-increasing challenges for packaging. Many businesses are re-evaluating shipping solutions as a separate channel for communicating and shaping the customer experience.


Siuntoms ir e-commrce 600x337 black tint

Shipments and E-commerce

Precision tailored, efficient selection of materials, design, printing.

Flexible production, small batches, various dimensions.

Reliable deliveries exactly on time according to agreed deadlines.

Smart standardized solutions that save time and costs.

transportavimo dėžės 600x337 black tint

Boxes for transportation

We create efficient palletization and transport layout – saving costs, reducing your CO2 footprint.

We simplify packaging processes by offering standard and customized crates with a range of printing options – digital, offset or flexo.

Industrinė pakuotė 600x337 black tint

Industrial packaging

Special inserts and other design solutions ensure the safety of the product during transport.

Inside printing and other transport packaging solutions improve product and brand perception.

We ensure the quality, functionality and durability of shipping boxes by adapting the packaging to any product being shipped.

We design and manufacture packaging, carton substitutes for plastic fillers, inserts and protectors.





Dėžės su Paruošta Lipnia Juosta

Boxes with ready-made adhesive strips

Speed up your packing processes and improve your customer unpacking experience with our ready-to-use shipping boxes with sealing tape and tear-off tape. Take advantage of our wide range of printing technologies and thus stand out with your e-commerce packaging. Robust corrugated cardboard ensures that your goods reach your customer’s doorstep safely.
Insertai, Įdėklai. Apsaugos

Inserts and protection

The designers of our product development department will design the inserts and protection needed for your packaging. The inserts can perform several important functions – to protect the products from bumps, to stabilize and prevent the mixing of several products, visually and aesthetically arranged in the package. From standard corrugated board elements to composite solutions with printing.
Didelio Formato Industrinės Pakuotės

Large format packaging

Packaging solutions are designed to protect bulky products and cargo. Pallet boxes and wrappers, lids and covers for safe transport on euro, 1 / or 1/4 pallets. Thanks to cardboard covers and inserts, we reduce the amount of plastic used for packaging and transportation.
Transportavimo Pakuotės

Moval and document boxes

If you are planning to move or need a solution for temporary storage, corrugated cardboard boxes are the most common choice. Boxes of standard dimensions are prepared to be glued with adhesive tape or with special lids for reuse. We offer both disposable boxes and packages for longer storage.
Surenkamos Siuntų Dėžės

Standard mailers

The most popular type of packaging for courier shipments, which can increase the awareness of your business and give a professional look by cleverly using the possibilities of the press. Think of a one-sided inner print that gives a “wow” effect when you open the package. These boxes comply with the standard FEFCO 0427 packaging format, but we can also design a different type of shipping box.
Klijuojamos Siuntų Dėžės

Standard shipping boxes

A universal, durable, ecological and widely applicable packaging solution. You can choose from brown or white corrugated cardboard. If necessary, we will adapt the necessary printing method to convey your message. This type of packaging is best suited for duct tape sealing.. If you pack and send a lot of goods, we recommend using packaging with a quick-assembly bottom.
The products provided do not limit our capabilities. Choose the design you want from the FEFCO or ECMA catalog or contact Flexpro – we will create a unique packaging that best suits your needs.