Proper food packaging protects your product and your reputation. We understand the challenges and complexities faced by packaged food manufacturers and brand owners. From protecting fragile foods as they travel from  “farm to fork” to competing for shelf attention, we focus on efficiency throughout the life cycle of the packaging. We combine consumer insights, a wide range of products, technical knowledge and impactful design and printing solutions.


Gėrimai - maisto ir gerimu pramonei 600x337 black tint


Secondary packaging is becoming a vital means of engaging, building brand trust and encouraging buying. We optimize the functional requirements of beverage packaging from production to point of sale. We produce packaging for carbonated soft drinks, water, beer, spirits, and alcoholic beverages.
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For the dairy products category, we are introducing packaging innovations that ensure product safety during transportation and provide visual distinctiveness on store shelves. We create individual packaging solutions for the transportation of cheese, milk, butter, and other dairy products.
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We can offer standardized and unique packaging solutions for each grocery product group. You can choose from a cost-effective package with a short life cycle to a reliable solution that ensures long-term protection and constant brand communication on the shelf.
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Fruit and vegetables

Corrugated cardboard packaging is ideal for the fresh produce industry as it can offer the cushioning, ventilation, strength, moisture resistance and protection sought by growers, packers, and retailers. Convenient and ergonomic design facilitates packaging, transportation, and in-store display processes.
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Frozen food

The packaging made of corrugated cardboard is ideal for frozen products such as frozen pizzas, frozen dishes, and ice cream. We offer packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of producers of frozen and refrigerated goods. The packaging is designed to keep food safe and undamaged so that customers are not disappointed when they open the boxes.
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Confectionery and bakery

We design and manufacture packaging that protects vulnerable confectionery, giving the brand a distinctive image and visibility. Aesthetics is just the beginning. From design requirements to product weight, assembly, and delivery, we take into account all factors related to the packaging of your product.
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Meat and poultry

Looking for a sustainable packaging solution for meat or poultry products? The packaging will be fully adapted to your logistics process: manual or automatic packaging, loose or packaged in secondary packaging, chilled or frozen products. The boxes can be pre-glued for a faster assembly and packaging process.
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Pet food

Pet food and other goods related to animal care are gaining ground in retail chains. The rapidly growing category, changing consumer needs and the requirements of retail chains pose challenges for the manufacturers of these products. We help you find sustainable and efficient packaging solutions.



Corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated packaging has a very wide range of applications, from the product’s primary packaging with printing to large-sized transport boxes for a group of products. Due to the multi-layer construction, corrugated cardboard packages are strong and at the same time light in weight. Full, partial or unprinted packaging is available.

Folding cardboard packaging

Widely used in the retail market, folding carton boxes are one of the most popular packaging solutions for primary or secondary product packaging. A wide selection of types, thicknesses and textures of folding cardboard and bright printing for the best representation of your product at the point of sale.

Rigid cardboard packaging

Made of strong book-like cardboard, covered with decorative papers and personalized printing, laces, magnetic closure, rigid boxes will provide the perfect combination of product protection and a sense of luxury. An excellent choice for business gifts, premium products or industries producing high-value goods that require solid packaging.





Pakuotė "Bag in Box"

Bag-in-box packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging is specially designed for bags of 3 or 5 liters of juice, wine, oil or other non-carbonated liquids. Suitable for plastic and metallized bags with a tap. Cardboard protects liquids from direct sunlight and forms a user-friendly package. Standard or quick assembly with glued bottom.
Dėžutės su Langeliu

Boxes with a window

This type of packaging is great for retail. Robust cardboard construction can protect fragile products, and the box can help the consumer understand the contents of the package, the appearance of the product and make a decision to buy faster even without opening the package.

Cardboard sleeves

Sleeves are most commonly used for the design of plastic primary packaging and sachets or for the packaging of cans and bottles. Depending on the weight and dimensions, corrugated or paperboard cardboard is used. The sleeves are also used to re-position products for different target audiences, sell off stock  or adapt products to other markets through a new design.
Šaldytiems Produktams Grupinė Pakuotė

Fozen product group packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging is used in refrigerators that open from above. Packaging is most commonly used for ice cream, products packaged in plastic bags, or other loose products packaged in soft primary packaging. May have internal tabs that divide the package into multiple compartments. Use a large amount of packaging space for brand communication.
Insertai, Įdėklai. Apsaugos

Inserts and protection

The designers of our product development department will design the inserts and protection needed for your packaging. The inserts can perform several important functions – to protect the products from bumps, to stabilize and prevent the mixing of several products, visually and aesthetically arranged in the package. From standard corrugated board elements to composite solutions with printing.
Padėklai - Trėjai

Pallets and pallet covers

The overlays prevent the product layers from rubbing against each other during transport. Side overlap curbs protect stacked goods around the perimeter. We will create reliable protection for transported fragile goods and, where possible, help to avoid the need for secondary packaging when palletizing products.
Lentynai Paruošta Grupinė Pakuotė

Product group packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging is designed to transport and display a group of products at the point of sale. The packaging can be completed with inserts for separation and additional protection. For convenient display and collection of products, this type of packaging usually has a perforated top of the package.
Produkto Pakuotė

Product packaging

Secondary and tertiary packaging of the product from corrugated or paperboard. We adapt offset, flexo or digital printing methods depending on product placement,  and aesthetic and technical needs. We will create the package based on the market standard or find a unique solution. Laminate, foil or varnish can be used to create an additional impression.
Displėjinė Pakuotė

Ready-to-retail (RTR or SRP) packaging

This type of packaging can perform the functions of both a transport package and a shelf packaging. The lid of the package can form a crown for communication on the shelf or be torn off with a special perforation if the shelf is low. Mostly used for bars, cream cheese bars, supplements, confectionery. With standard or quick-assembly glued bottom.
Prekybai paruošti kartoniniai stendai displėjai su plastikine ar medine paleteFlexpro


We manufacture ready-to-retail cardboard displays that are easy to assemble at the factory, warehouse, or point of sale. They are ideal for manufacturers to showcase the products and enter new trade markets. These displays can be delivered together with plastic or wooden pallets.
Dėžės Maisto Išsinešimui

Takeaway boxes

Quick-collection corrugated cardboard boxes for food. Great solution for pizzas, pastries or product sets. The design allows the packaging to be stored flat and assembled as required. Available in a variety of sizes, formats, cardboard thicknesses, and print types depending on product and brand needs.
The products provided do not limit our capabilities. Choose the design you want from the FEFCO or ECMA catalog or contact Flexpro – we will create a unique packaging that best suits your needs.