Premium packaging

Personalized packaging: from one-off batches to mass production, for any product or need:
  • high quality boxes for luxury goods
  • custom-designed boxes for corporate gifts
  • high quality boxes for retail


The choice of material and construction is individual.

High-quality printing, wide printing possibilities for brand communication, product exclusivity on the shelf

Display construction, robustness ensures product safety, aesthetics.

Ideal when products do not have attractive secondary or tertiary packaging.

Prabanbos prekės 600x337 black tint

High-quality boxes for luxury goods

Jewellery, eyewear, watches and other luxury products are packaged in attractive and durable materials and sturdy boxes, attracting attention and satisfying the needs of discerning luxury customers. From the eye-catching glossy and shiny look to the kraft textured recycled cardboard – your choice, our options!
Verslo dovanos 600x337 black tint

Custom-designed boxes for corporate gifts

Show a unique, personalized approach to your business partners and employees! Choose any product – we’ll find a construction and design solution and create a wow! effect. The choice and flexibility of printing technologies will allow you to personalize each package to convey a personalized message.
Luxury boxes for retail no copyright

High-quality boxes for retail sale

We offer a wide range of rigid boxes, which are widely used as retail packaging for toys, games, electronics, jewellery and haberdashery. If you need a distinctive look, a unique customer experience and maximum product protection, rigid packaging is one of the best solutions.





Clamp shell tipo_dviejų atvartų save uždaranti dėžutė-rigid pakuotė-premium pakuotė

A self-closing box with two flaps

The edges of the flaps of the box interlock with each other to form a book-like structure. This type of packaging is a common choice for packaging books, luxury office supplies, beverage bottles (with additional inserts). Special inserts can hold and create two places for products – on both flaps.
Knygutės Tipo Uždarymas Raišteliais

Book type box with laces

The classic type of rigid packaging closure creates a very pleasant unpacking experience and gives a secret to the whole process. Great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or corporate gifts. We will try to provide a wide range of colors and fabric choices for the exclusive laces in your box. Printing on laces is possible.
Dugnelis dangtelis_rigid pakuotė-premium pakuotė

Bottom-lid box

In other words, telescopic boxes are boxes whose lid and bottom are separate elements that interlock with each other and provide strong, reliable protection for products. This type of rigid packaging is the most economical as it does not require additional elements for sealing, uses the least amount of materials and ensures the fastest production.
Standi Dėžutė, Kakliuko Tipo

Bottom-lid box with neck

The neck forms a more comfortable opening of the box and visually creates a solid design image. The double bottom provides extra stability, making this type of box suitable for extremely heavy weights. The lid may completely or partially cover the neck depending on the desired visual result.
Standi Dėžutė Knygutės Tipo

Box with double-sided flap and magnetic closure

Rigid box with uniquely opening flaps to create an exclusive user experience. The design is popular for packaging cosmetics and luxury drinks. Flaps create a large area for different messages and marketing story. The glued magnets create a reliable, fast and comfortable closing feeling.
knygutės tipo su priklijuota nugara_rigid pakuotė-premium pakuotė

Box with glued back and magnetic closure

This rigid box construction is the most popular for its versatility, economy and convenience. Comfortable and elegant closure for a minimalist look. Focus on the choice of wrapping paper, printing, foil or varnish options
Knygutės Tipo su Nepriklijuota Nugara

Box with non-glued back and magnetic closure

The magnets close the rigid box, the back of which is not glued, so that the upper flap rests neatly on a horizontal base. This type of box has a lid that spreads out over a large area that you can use for product information or a personalized message.
Standi Dėžutė Stalčiuko Tipo

Drawer type box with double closure

It’s a three-piece rigid box that gives a solid impression at the time of opening, and the drawers can have additional cuts for fingers for a more comfortable opening, laces or loops. From high-quality offset printing to a laconic embossing or lacquer element – we will find the solution that best suits the message style of your brand.
Stalčiuko tipo_viengubas stalčiukasžrigid pakuotė-premium pakuotė

Drawer type box with one-sided closure

One of the most popular rigid box designs suitable for products of various sizes. Various ways of opening are possible – the drawer is pushed out with a finger, pulled behind a special cutout for a finger, a drawstring or a loop. The drawer can slide in both directions, or only in one direction. The direction of opening can be provided so that the details of the product inside, or the part of the insert with the special message, can be seen first.
Insertai, Įdėklai. Apsaugos

Inserts and protection

The designers of our product development department will design the inserts and protection needed for your packaging. The inserts can perform several important functions – to protect the products from bumps, to stabilize and prevent the mixing of several products, visually and aesthetically arranged in the package. From standard corrugated board elements to composite solutions with printing.
The products provided do not limit our capabilities. Choose the design you want from the FEFCO or ECMA catalog or contact Flexpro – we will create a unique packaging that best suits your needs.