Continuous, consistent, and compelling brand communication – effective solutions for retail. Responsibility and sustainability – easy recycling and disposal of advertising media.One of the most effective and sustainable materials is used – it strengthens consumer confidence in your brand. 

We guarantee: Your products will be visible, safe, and trustworthy.


Išstatymų zona - mažmeninės prekybos vietoms 600x337 black tint

Promo zones

Display areas are the main place where a convenient and suggestively designed shelf or pallet display will attract the buyer’s attention and increase the flow of consumers. If you are just starting out with retail marketing, this is the place to begin.
Prekių lentynos mažmeninės prekybos vietoje

Commercial shelves

The appearance of the product on the shelf does not guarantee fast sales. Are you competing with the diversity of choices, the abundance of alternatives, the activity of competitors for the attention of consumers? Take advantage of our experience in attracting the attention of buyers and highlighting your products on the shelves.
Kasos - mažmeninės prekybos vietoms 600x337 black tint

Check out

Time at the checkout is a moment of impulsive decisions and purchases. Take advantage of this place and moment to make your product visible and attractive. We will help you turn the interest into a purchase with visual tools that continue consistent brand communication.
Šaldytuvai - mažmeninės prekybos vietoms 600x337 black tint


Refrigerators are the least used point of sale for communication. Keep in mind that the frozen products area can be used for effective and attractive advertising. The newest materials we use provide resistance to humidity and temperature regime.
Įėjimo zona - mažmeninės prekybos vietoms 600x337 black tint

Entrance zone

Be the first to welcome consumers in the entrance area. We have floor-to-ceiling solutions that will help the customer search for your product throughout the store. Take advantage of wide-format printing for large-format communications.
Discount, sale signs, red poster offer, mock up advertise display frame over clothes in shopping mall or department store for show promotion product at AFI Cotroceni Mall from Bucharest, Romania, 2020

Shop windows

Build a point-of-sale identity with impactful wide-format printing solutions and decorations. Attract attention of buyers and they will come back. Synchronize your promotional activities with high-quality posters, stickers, and decorations.





FlexPro Reklama Atidaromiems varteliiams

Opening entrance gates

Volumetric corrugated or paperboard decorations for various types of opening entrance gates for installation or attachment. Simple installation and clear communication before customers reach the point of sale.
Reklama Grindų lipdukams

Floor stickers

PVC stickers for gluing on all types of hard floor coverings. Resistant to mechanical impact. They are produced in standard rectangular or circular shapes but can also be cut to shape.
Ilgalaikės nuorodos

Long-term use signage

The panels with the print are used for long-term internal communication and marking of the point of sale. Signs are erected, glued, or hung. Different types of plastic are used.
Informaciniai Pakabukai

Information pendants

Pendants are attached with hooks or vacuum holders to inform customers about working hours and breaks. Possible use for communication and sales promotion in atypical locations.
Informaciniai Stovai

Information stands

Standard and unique forms of stands for communication in various places. Lightweight construction for quick assembly, convenient transportation. Paperboard, corrugated cardboard or plastic is used.
Informaciniai stoveliai

Table talkers

The stands are used for communication in catering, accommodation, and customer service posts on tables, at checkouts, in service areas. Various constructions from cardboard or plastic are available.
Kainų etiketės

Price labels

Standard and unique forms of price labels for clearer price communication. Highlight your proposal with clearly visible pricing. Plastic, synthetic paper or paperboard cardboard is used.

Shelf wobblers

Hanging communication cards are usually glued to trade shelves. Attached with flexible plastic legs. Cards draw the attention of buyers and navigate them to your offer.
Konteineriniai stendai - POSM priemonės

Container stands

Arrangements for displaying products in a supermarket. Perfect for bulk or small format products as well as bottles. Raises products at a comfortable height to pick up the customer.
Lentyniniai Stendai

Cardboard displays

The most versatile in terms of use for product placement at points of sale. Fast assembly, efficient loading into the occupied area, large area for conveying a sales message with the help of the print.
Lentynų dekoracijos

Shelf decorations

Planes with print are used to decorate the sides or ends of commercial shelves. Various mounting methods and materials for long-term and short-term communication. Corrugated cardboard or plastic is used.
Lentynų skirtukai

Shelf stoppers

Vertical tabs that attach to shop shelves. Communication is visible from afar to grab the consumer’s attention and promote sales. Figurative trimming is possible to create uniqueness.


Stickers for decorating various surfaces. For showcases, windows, metal surfaces. Transparent, double-sided, long, and short-term use. From a few centimeters to a few meters for gluing surfaces.
Monitorių dekoracijos

Monitor decorations

Frames, corners, and free-form decorations with a print are designed to use the monitor as advertising space. Checkouts are a great place to offer extra services or make a special offer.
Pakabinami stoveliai-parazitai-POSM

Parasite hangers

An extremely versatile tool for any outlet. Usually, the vertical format stands are attached with metal hooks in places where it is not possible to add additional products.
Paletinės Dekoracijos

Pallet decorations

Decorations that form an exclusive communication for pallet displays. Central columns, corners, and arches. Often combined with pallet wrapping for full use of space for communication.
Paletiniai Apjuosimai

Pallet wrapps

The decorations are designed to surround the pallets that are laid out and stacked on top of each other. It is possible to use printed paper rools by cutting it as needed or sepparate planes of the required size. 
Paletiniai Stovai

Pallet stands

Stands that themselves form a solid foundation for large-format display. Available in a variety of formats from 1/4 width to 4 pallets. In addition, decorations and 3D elements are used.


A5-A0 format posters for hanging systems, holders, rails, price frames and stands. Textiles, paper, cardboard, and plastics. Single-sided and double-sided printing for small and large editions.
Plakatai varteliams

Posters for gates

Vertical posters are placed in all types of security gates. The posters are for both regular and built-in gates with lighting. A great way to use extra space for communication.
Portalai ir Arkos

Portals and arches

Large-format decorations that shape the entire entrance to the store or the entrance between rows of shelves. Also used at events. The decorations are made of corrugated cardboard or plastic.
Prekystalio stoveliai

Counter stands

A universal tool for additional display of goods in small format outlets. Neat product layout, extra space for brand communication. Corrugated cardboard is used.
Stendas - Parduotuvė


Large-format displays are used to create maximum brand communication and an unforgettable customer experience. Exposition of various products of one manufacturer or seasonal campaign goods.
Vartelių Dekoracija

Security gate decorations

Rectangular or elliptical decorations are placed on the floor. Manufactured to the desired dimensions and suitable for any gate. Corrugated or paperboard cardboard is used.
Prekybai paruošti kartoniniai stendai displėjai su plastikine ar medine paleteFlexpro


We manufacture ready-to-retail cardboard displays that are easy to assemble at the factory, warehouse, or point of sale. They are ideal for manufacturers to showcase the products and enter new trade markets. These displays can be delivered together with plastic or wooden pallets.

​​The products provided do not limit our capabilities. If you have specific needs for your sales channel, contact Flexpro specialists. We will create and implement a unique solution for your brand communication and sales promotion.