Subcontract management

Subcontract management is an important service of the Flexpro team, helping you to meet your objectives quickly, accurately, efficiently and at minimum cost, and offering a wide range of solutions. You benefit from a one-stop shop: we manage the risks, you get quality products, regardless of their design, materials, production or technological complexity.

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This involves evaluating suppliers on factors such as their competence, quality of work, price, delivery time and reliability. We ensure that we select suppliers who meet your and Flexpro’s standards and requirements.


Successful subcontract management requires effective communication between the printer, the supplier and you. This includes regular updates on project progress, delivery schedules, changes in requirements and any problems or concerns. We have clear processes in place so that all parties know their roles and responsibilities.

Quality control

We make sure that the quality of the supplier’s work meets the standards of all parties. You don’t have to assemble individual components of a project and worry about discrepancies or quality. Leave it to us.

Risk management

We manage the risks associated with subcontracting. This includes identifying potential risks, such as delays or contractual disputes, and developing strategies to mitigate or manage them. We have contingency plans in place and our experience allows us to deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

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