indoor advertising

With the help of wide-format printing, we will transform any surface of your customer service, sales or production location into a communication message. A wide selection of materials, processing and cutting options allow you to decorate the environment with sustainable materials, promote sales, communicate promotions, and increase brand awareness.




Unlimited possibilities – for floors, escalators, showcases and glass, small and large format, short-term and long-term use, extremely high resistance. Double-sided and single-sided printing.
Langai ir vitrinos - mažmeninės prekybos vietoms 600x337 black tint


We produce both standard size and unique size or cut posters. Printing on 120 to 350 g poster paper. Posters are easy to store, transport and install. With us, you will have the opportunity to use a different design for each poster.
Plokštumos su spauda - vidaus reklama 600x337 black tint

Rigid panels

Wall-mounted, with legs, used as advertising stands or solid suspended ceiling posters. Rectangular or figured cutting to suit your specific campaign and needs.





Aliuminio Kompozitas

Aluminum composite

Extremely strong material consisting of two aluminum sheets and a plastic filler. The uniqueness of this material is that it does not break, but folds. Therefore, it is a common choice in places where physical impact  on advertising surfaces can occur. Aluminum composite is used for long-term direction signs, signage, pallet wrapping.
Gofro Kartonas

Corrugated cardboard

Ecological and economical material for wide format printing. Corrugated cardboard is extremely light, so it is very widely used for making rigid posters, decorations, stands and signs. Great material for short-term communication at an attractive price. Direct digital printing or offset printing is available for the highest print quality.
Putų kompozitas-plačiaformatė spauda

Foam composite

Great choice for large format high quality digital prints due to its light weight, durability and excellent print quality. Commonly used in art exhibitions, home and office decoration, but also great for point-of-sale communication. Extremely light and easy to attach to various surfaces.


We print on sheets and rolls of paper of various thicknesses and types. The paper is used in light boxes, poster frames, racks, hanging systems, or cut into smaller-format paper products. We will help you choose the most effective material and printing method.
PVC plastikas-plačiaformatė spauda

PVC plastic

The most widely used type of plastic for rigid wide-format printing. Extremely wide range of thicknesses, light weight and stability. White PVC plastic is most often used, but if necessary, it is also possible to print on color by producing interesting combinations of base and print colors. The low cost of the material and its durability allow the use of PVC plastic for short-term and long-term communication.
PVC lipdukas_600_new

PVC sticker

We produce various types of PVC stickers for indoor and outdoor advertising. We flatten, laminate and print single-sided and double-sided stickers. Stickers are used for both long-term and short-term communication on various surfaces from floor to ceiling – from metal to glass. We provide product distribution and gluing services.

The products and materials provided do not limit our capabilities. If you have specific needs or non-standard projects, contact Flexpro specialists. We will find a reliable solution for your communication.