Outdoor advertising

Looking for effective marketing tactics that will yield high returns with minimal effort? Awnings, graphics on vehicles, billboards and window graphics draw attention to your brand and make your message visible, memorable. Choose a large format for high exposure.


Reklaminiai tentai - lauko reklama 600x337 black tint

Advertising banners

Great solution for billboards, planes, walls, construction site fences, event design and flow control. An effective tool for both constant and changing communication. Fast production and simple installation.
Stotelės ir kolonos - lauko reklama 600x337 black tint

Bus shelters and columns

Advertising posters for advertising space in the most visible and busiest places, in the main arteries of the city. Take advantage of the network of advertising space holders / advertising spaces, we will take care of the production of the press. We serve all this type of area managers in the Baltic States.
Lipdukai - Lauko reklama 600x337 black tint


An indispensable tool for shop windows, windows, outdoor surfaces and surfaces. Shaped cutting. You can choose from links, information signs, images, text stickers on vehicles, and more.





BBS Popierius

BBS paper

Special paper for gluing on various planes. Commonly used to decorate tripods, columns or walls. Great choice for short term communication. A special feature of this paper is its high opacity, which makes it possible to glue it on the surface of various colors without fear of translucency and distortion of the printing colors.
Tentas - Lietas

Case tarpaulin

This PVC material is thick and does not tend to wrinkle, so it is perfect for large-format outdoor and indoor advertising areas. Quality printand solid material will convey your message. Due to its durability, the cast tarpaulin is used for long-term communication. For large forms, the sheet is soldered from individual parts to one and riveted to the perimeter for fastening.
Tentas - Lietas

Laminated tarpaulin

Great and economical choice for indoor and outdoor advertising space. Probably the cheapest way to advertise in large format. Easy to tension and solder PVC material for a wide range of applications. Tarpaulins can be reinforced with double soldered edges, rivets or pockets – the most popular and versatile fastening methods.
Mesh Tentas

Mesh tarpaulin

This type of material is perfect for building fences, events or large-format facade advertising areas. It is also a common choice for covering construction racks and renovated facades. There are thousands of small holes in the surface of the printed grid, which effectively reduces wind load and increases safety.


We print on sheets and rolls of paper of various thicknesses and types. The paper is used in light boxes, poster frames, racks, hanging systems, or cut into smaller-format paper products. We will help you choose the most effective material and printing method.
PVC lipdukas_600_new

PVC sticker

We produce various types of PVC stickers for indoor and outdoor advertising. We flatten, laminate and print single-sided and double-sided stickers. Stickers are used for both long-term and short-term communication on various surfaces from floor to ceiling – from metal to glass. We provide product distribution and gluing services.

The products and materials provided do not limit our capabilities. If you have specific needs or non-standard projects, contact Flexpro specialists. We will find a reliable solution for your communication.