A Different Christmas With More Care and Compassion

Christmas excitement comes and goes, but abandoned pets need food, shelter and care every day.  Therefore, this year we decided to renounce corporate gifting to support “Penkta koja” one of the largest dog shelters in Lithuania. 

The first time we visited “Penkta koja” was back in November. However, the pets that were abandoned by their owners also need a friendly human touch. Therefore, last weekend we returned to Linksmakalnis to spend the afternoon on a hike, where we were led by fantastic local guides — “Penkta koja” residents.

Parama Gyvunu Prieglaudai Penkta Koja
Flexpro komanda su Penkta koja augintiniais
Flexpro Zygis Su Penkta Koja 1
Flexpro žygis po Linksmakalnį su Penkta koja prieglaudos augintiniais

Our four-legged friends cannot choose when to ask for help, so let’s be responsible and give it when it’s needed. “Penkta koja” appreciates the support all year round. Contribute today: https://contribee.com/vsipenktakoja

On behalf of Flexpro’s team and our hike guides, we’re wishing you a meaningful Christmas!