Graphic design

Graphic design plays an important role in capturing consumers’ attention, conveying the brand message and differentiating products at the point of sale. We’ll create a unique design for your packaging, display, stand or other print products. Our design team’s goal is to make your products stand out at the point of sale with visuals that are interesting and reflect your brand’s identity, thus stimulating consumer interest and willingness to buy.

Graphic design process

Our team will ensure that the packaging or POSM product you design and produce will increase your brand value and product sales through a compelling, memorable, attractive design.

  • Creative brief
    The graphic design process starts with a thorough understanding of the brand, target audience, product positioning and marketing objectives. Together we define the design objectives, key messages, brand guidelines and any specific design requirements.

  • Concept development
    Following a market analysis, our graphic designers develop several design concepts. In these concepts, we look at different visual directions, typography, colour palette, imagery and overall aesthetic. We discuss and agree with you.
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  • Improving design
    Once a concept has been selected, the design is further refined and developed. We work with typography, layout, imagery, colour schemes and graphic elements to create a seamless and visually impactful design.

  • Technical customisation
    The final design needs to be adapted to the specific design of the packaging, POSM or other print product. This is the job of our Technical Design team. Close collaboration between the Graphic and Technical Design teams ensures a great result.
  • Mockups and prototyping
    Creating physical mock-ups and prototypes with customised graphic design helps you to visualise the final result and identify any necessary changes or improvements. This is the work of the Technical Design team, which is particularly important in the development of products with complex structures. The development of stands, displays and other complex products starts with the technical design and ends with the visual execution.

  • Finishing and manufacturing

    Once the design has been approved, the final work is prepared according to the print specifications, colour profiles and production requirements. We are a print manufacturer, thus you get everything from one source, we ensure a smooth transition from design to production.

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Guaranteed Graphic Design Quality

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  • Brand conformity
    The graphic design we create for your print product will accurately reflect your brand identity, values and positioning, creating a visual link between the product and the brand.

  • Exclusivity
    Our ambition and every effort is devoted to ensuring that the graphic design we create differentiates the product from the competition. It takes into account market trends, the preferences of the target audience and the product’s distinctive features.

  • Legibility and hierarchy
    Clear and legible typography conveys important product, brand and other information. A well-defined hierarchy ensures that the user can quickly grasp the information needed.

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