Technical design

Technical design is the service of designing or improving POSMs, packaging and other printed products. For each client, we look for a unique solution that meets your business needs. Our team’s designs are tailored for efficient, cost-optimised transportation and use. All products are robust, durable and made from materials that meet sustainability requirements.

Technical design process

Our design team consistently goes through various stages to ensure that the final product meets your functional and aesthetic requirements.

  • The design team gathers information about the product to be ordered, its purpose, target market, branding guidelines and any specific requirements or constraints, including logistics, transportation, sustainability.

  • Based on the requirements gathered, we propose several design concepts. These concepts may include ideas for the shape, size, materials, closure, labelling and overall visual appearance of the product.
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  • The technical design phase starts. This involves the creation of detailed specifications and drawings defining the product’s dimensions, materials, structural integrity, printing requirements and manufacturing processes.

  • A prototype is produced for final alignment and necessary adjustments are made. We produce printed prototypes to help you better understand how the graphic design fits into the product design.


Technical design results

The customer and the Flexpro team travel together throughout the process. The following results of the technical design service are communicated to the customer:

  • Structural or graphic visualisations that help to understand the concept, construction, proportions or how the brand has been conveyed on the product.

  • Technical drawings or specifications specifying the product’s dimensions, materials, construction details and manufacturing requirements.

  • Physical prototypes that demonstrate the form, function and visual appearance of the actual product.
Graphic design services
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Personalisation plays a key role in product design, allowing brands to differentiate their products and create a unique consumer experience. We take advantage of personalisation and adapt it to a specific brand, product, point of sale, etc.

  • Adapting the shape and size of the custom product to the specific product requirements and brand aesthetic.

  •  Selection of materials that match the brand values, sustainability objectives and product characteristics. This may include eco-friendly materials, recycled options or innovative materials.

  • Incorporation of non-standard features such as handles, closures, windows or inserts, partitions, perforations, etc. that increase the ease of use and transport of the product.

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