Multifunctional Ready-to-Retail Cardboard Stand

The food manufacturer faced a challenge while displaying the production at the points of sale. It needed a functional solution for small stores and supermarkets. The brand was completely new, so it wanted a visually attractive design to make the products stand out.
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The Issue

The brand wanted to enter the market with an aesthetic solution. However, the company’s products were liquid and heavy, so standard display solutions were inadequate, inefficient, or unattractive. Also, the points of product display varied: small stores wanted to keep the products on shelves, while supermarkets only allowed cardboard stands on plastic pallets. The manufacturer wanted to control the costs of print and transportation by having a minimal range of different packaging.


Flexpro team created a multifunctional ready-to-retail cardboard stand that could be used for transportation with or without a palette, as a counter display and ready-to-retail stand. It consists of a few smart design solutions:

  • The boxes for transportation have handles, tabs, lids and perforations at the front for product exposure. These boxes can be used as shelf displays and placed on the merchandising shelf with or without a “crown” (topper).
  • A special cover protects the boxes during transportation, preventing physical print damage. The body has a perforation to expose the front part when the boxes are stacked. 
  • The complete set can be placed on a plastic pallet or put on the floor, depending on the requirements at the point of sale. 


Flexography was chosen as a cost-effective option for large quantities of shipping boxes. The protective cover and topper were produced using digital UV printing technology, which allows higher flexibility while adapting the content to different export markets (local language translations, labelling etc.) When the company finds a new partner in a new export market, these separate parts of an overall set can be printed quickly.

Technical Specifications

Corrugated cardboard of various thicknesses

Flexographic printing and digital UV printing


Plastic pallet

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