We help product manufacturers, brands, private label owners and exporters address the business challenges associated with frequent cardboard packaging changes and the need for an efficient, time and cost-saving service from a single source.

One-stop shop for integrated packaging production services.

  • Consultancy
  • Graphic and technical design
  • Visualization and prototypes
  • Wide range of technologies 
  • Extensive printing capabilities
  • Storage, delivery
We are distinguished by the high quality of our service to each and every client.
  • All orders are placed exactly within the agreed deadlines 
  • Delivery to the customer’s specified location
  • Flexible production: on customer’s terms* 
  • Prototyping, test and small batch production 
  • Adaptable to changes in the process
*Binding deadlines for the production process

High-quality packaging tailored specifically to your product:

  • Protects your product throughout the logistics chain
  • Optimal design with efficient use of materials
  • Made from sustainably produced cardboard, reducing the CO2 footprint throughout the product’s lifecycle
  • User-friendly, easily recyclable

Primary packaging, secondary packaging, ready-to-retail packaging for your needs.

Promo packaging is an effective part of promotional campaigns. 

  • Group packs
  • Packaging for kits
  • Shelf displays

Tailor-made designs, prototyping, small batch production, on exact deadlines, delivery to the specified location.

Personalized packaging: from one-off batches to mass production, for any product or need:

  • high quality boxes for luxury goods
  • custom-designed boxes for corporate gifts
  • high quality boxes for retail

Cardboard packaging solutions for logistics, transport, e-commerce, packaging boxes in various sizes and designs.

  • Efficient solutions from food to oversized industrial equipment.
  • Printing options for brand communication and customer experience.
  • Flexibility, small batches, production on customer’s terms*.
  • Warehousing (on demand), on-time delivery to the specified location.
*Mandatory timing for the production process

Boxes are delivered flat to the customer, assembled quickly and without gluing. Choose the option with a plastic window if it is important that the contents of the box are visible.



Corrugated cardboard packaging

Corrugated packaging has a very wide range of applications, from the product’s primary packaging with printing to large-sized transport boxes for a group of products. Due to the multi-layer construction, corrugated cardboard packages are strong and at the same time light in weight. Full, partial or unprinted packaging is available.

Folding cardboard packaging

Widely used in the retail market, folding carton boxes are one of the most popular packaging solutions for primary or secondary product packaging. A wide selection of types, thicknesses and textures of folding cardboard and bright printing for the best representation of your product at the point of sale.

Rigid cardboard packaging

Made of strong book-like cardboard, covered with decorative papers and personalized printing, laces, magnetic closure, rigid boxes will provide the perfect combination of product protection and a sense of luxury. An excellent choice for business gifts, premium products or industries producing high-value goods that require solid packaging.
The products provided do not limit our capabilities. Choose the design you want from the FEFCO or ECMA catalog or contact Flexpro – we will create a unique packaging that best suits your needs.