Ready-to-Retail Packaging Adapted For a Manual Packaging Line

A food manufacturer was looking for a customised solution to create packaging for a manual packaging line.
Rankinio pakavimo linijai pritaikyta prekybai paruošta pakuotė

The Issue

The production “bottleneck” was the end of an automated production line where products were packed by hand. A lot of manual work slowed the process, and extra effort was needed to ensure quality. 

There were a few issues that made the situation complex. Firstly, the primary packaging couldn’t be repositioned when packing because the product inside had to be kept stable. Secondly, many products went into one ready-to-retail box. Therefore, lifting them all and placing them in the packaging box was inconvenient. On the other hand, putting products in the packaging one by one took time. 

Finally, the wrong packaging made transportation more complicated. It didn’t comply with the company’s brand standards and the requirements of the outlets. Therefore, the solution had to consider the product’s specific nature, increase work efficiency and represent the brand accurately.


We developed a three-point adhesive corrugated cardboard packaging with a quick-assembly bottom that is extremely fast to prepare for packaging. 

  • Once assembled, the package has a side opening to push the products into the container without disturbing the production regime. Since there is no need to move the product, the quality is guaranteed by avoiding even unintentional repositioning.
  • We offered offset printing to accurately reveal the brand’s colour identity and ensure that the product stands out from the competitors in the category.
  • The packaging is entirely suitable for display at the point of sale and on shelves. The packaging uses a perforation which, when peeled off, divides the packaging into two parts – two separate packages. This flexibility allows the successful representation of the products in planograms or on shelves of different depths.

Technical Specifications

Micro-corrugated board - E wave - 1,5 mm

Offset printing

Three-point glueing

Quick-assembly bottom


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