PEPSI Cardboard Pallet Wrap with 3D Can Decoration

Pepsi, one of the most popular soft drink brands, sought a creative way to differentiate itself from its competitors at the points of sale. The redesigned product packaging became an essential element of the original POSM solution.
PEPSI Cardboard Pallet Wrap with 3D Can Decoration 1

The Issue

Consumers become accustomed to familiar packaging over time, making it one of the key links between customers and the brand. Pepsi, a well-known soft drink, renewed its brand after 14 years, focusing on the sugar-free product line. The relaunch made the brand look for a solution that presents the renewal effectively, especially the new can design. However, in supermarkets, where products are placed in pallet wraps, the packaging design is not very visible, nor recognisable, making it difficult to stand out from competitors. Therefore, the challenge for the Flexpro team was to create a pallet wrap that would focus on a realistic representation of the can as the main accent of the POSM product.


We created and produced a palette wrap with a large-format 3D decoration to mimic the updated can design of the iconic soft drink. 

  • The decoration is 1.5 m high which makes it easy to notice in the supermarket. 
  • As you get closer, the decoration surprises with colours that perfectly match the brand’s style, thanks to direct UV printing. 
  • Plastics or textiles are the most commonly used materials to produce large, three-dimensional, round-shaped decorations. In this case, we used a more sustainable option – graphic cardboard – to achieve an ultra-realistic shape of the can.
  • Non-standard POSM solutions are scarce in the Lithuanian market, so this solution allows the brand to stand out from competitors.

Technical Specifications

4,5 mm corrugated cardboard

Graphic cardboard

Direct UV printing

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