A solid step towards mass production of packaging – even more quality services for business

We help product manufacturers, brand representatives and importers address the business challenges of the entire product lifecycle. By starting mass production of packaging for various products from paperboard, corrugated and book cardboard, we can serve our customers even more efficiently – all printing services from one source.

Packaging or logistics boxes for food manufacturers, cosmetics, jewelry, household and household products will meet the expectations of the most discerning customer.

We help marketers make effective decisions regarding press selection (sustainability), the aesthetic appearance of packaging (attractiveness) and customer- or consumer-friendly design (convenience). We ensure a strict technical design process, we find the best and most efficient solution that meets both production and logistics requirements, as well as consumer expectations. We select packaging materials that meet best sustainable consumption practices and environmental standards.

Our uniqueness: Extensive experience in the retail sales promotion market and deep knowledge of the entire supply chain.