FLEXPRO posters spread the word about the Sengirė Foundation

The streets of the cities are decorated with impressive posters that draw people’s attention to the preservation of old-growth forests in an engaging and captivating way. In this way, we contributed to a great initiative – we produced and donated wide-format print posters inviting them to support the Sengirė Foundation.

In our company, sustainability and responsible handling of limited natural resources are an integral part of work and culture. Therefore, as conscious citizens and representatives of responsible business, we cannot remain indifferent to the facts that threaten our environment. As forests disappear, so do their inhabitants, bound by strong bonds of dependence. Due to active human activity, the ancient forests, which make up 80% of the territory of Lithuania, have disappeared, and with them – many species that lived in them.

The noble mission of the foundation and its founder Mindaugas Survila – to save the old Lithuanian forests from felling – is close to the company’s people. Thus was born the idea of adapting our production capabilities to the wider dissemination of the foundation’s activities: wide-format print posters have become part of the overall communication campaign and will undoubtedly encourage people to contribute to the preservation of the old nature.