Get Ready-to-Use, Premium Quality Gift Boxes & Bags

If you want products, product sets or corporate gifts to leave an unforgettable first impression, pay attention to the quality of the packaging. At Flexpro, you can order ready-to-use, high-quality gift boxes and bags or create a unique packaging solution.

We know how busy the run-up to Christmas can be. Especially for retailers and employees of the corporate sector. Therefore, stylish, durable gift boxes and bags of the most popular sizes are already in our warehouses, waiting for you. Need a logo? We can print it quickly.

Our gift boxes and bags are:
• In various, most popular sizes in the market
• Luxurious, festive, feature different colours and designs
• Personalized (for an additional fee)
• Durable and sturdy

Get Ready For a Stress-free Holiday Season

Unique gift packaging solutions allow you to reflect the visual identity of the brand, but its production takes days or even weeks. At the same time, premade gift packages often look cheap, and flimsy, and their style or size does not match your product.

When a gift packaging is needed quickly, quality usually takes a back seat. But it doesn’t have to be like that: we offer premade packaging that has premium quality. Strong paper gift bags, colourful corrugated cardboard boxes and luxurious rigid cardboard gift boxes are perfect for sales at retail outlets, e-commerce, packaging of products or their sets, and corporate gifts. They allow you to combine quality with speed and offer your customers gift packaging that leaves a good impression:

naudoti paruoštos rigid knyginio kartono dėžutės

We offer white and black rigid cardboard boxes that are extremely strong and create an additional impression for the gift.

Pick blue, red or black corrugated cardboard boxes. They are perfect for presenting products and their sets in style. Choose corrugated boxes with a built-in plastic window for a more exquisite display of the gift’s content.

ready to use gift bags

Our gift bags stand out from the competitors for their quality: sturdy paper and delicate drawstrings create a luxurious impression.